Thursday, July 21, 2011

June 2011 (finally)

Every time I write a blog, I think, "Next time I'll post again sooner.  Next time will be different!"  And the next thing I know, it's been a month.  >_>  I hope you all haven't forgotten about me...  Really though, I can't believe we're already this far into July.  Where did all the time go??  Let's see if I can remember what I did last month.


In June, our first CrossRoad theme was Father's Day, and Ron Stoller came to speak.  The second CrossRoad was about rainy season, and Carol spoke about Noah.  We had pretty good turnouts to both!  We also watched Sister Act and The Bucket List for our two Movie Nights.  I hadn't seen Sister Act in I don't even know how many years, so that was lots of fun.  A couple of girls from Becky's and my gospel choir came!

Our monthly event was shodo calligraphy, taught by Higuchi Reihou-sensei, a member of our church and a professional shodo calligrapher.  I was hesitant to try at first (I'm not good at writing kanji in normal circumstances, much less with a brush), but I ended up giving it a shot!

Higuchi-sensei, speaking about his art.

My friend Takako and I practicing.  Note my ~intense concentration~.

Juri-chan and Yuri-chan hard at work on their projects!

My finished product!  It says "uta," which means song.  I'm actually a little bit proud of it.

Juri-chan's says "heart" (left) and Yuri-chan's says "peace" (right).  Don't ask me about the small writing though lol.

Taka-chan and Becky.  I don't remember what theirs mean lol.

Everyone with their finished products.  They did great!


If you know me at all, you probably know that cooking isn't my strength.  And yet somehow, I ended up taking part in two cooking parties in a row...

On Saturday the 4th, we had what we called a dorm party, because Haruna-chan and Raynoo, the girls who live upstairs in the women's dorms, joined Becky and I in our apartment to cook and eat some Italian food.  Haruna-chan's sister was visiting, and a couple other people came as well, so it turned into a pretty fun party! I had some classes that day though, so I missed the actual cooking part and just came for eating.  XD;;

Everyone cooking before I got there.

The Becky Special and Haruna Deluxe.

Having homemade tiramusu and coffee for dessert!

The next day, Sunday the 5th, we had what we call Gica-gico, a group of returnee girls who live in the area.  We cooked for this day too!

I did contribute, I promise.

Fun times~

There was Inspa in June, of course, and it was, as always, really great to see so many of my friends that I don't get to see often.  I wish Inspa was more than once a month!  Before Inspa, I met up with Erin, a girl I met at April's Inspa, and we went to see X-men First Class (called First Generation here), and it was amazing!  It was a really fun day with lots of my favorite people.  <3

I also went to gospel choir; attended a fourth-anniversary party at Curves, the gym Becky and I go to; worked; etc.  I also went to Nara with a friend, but I took so many pictures that I think that day deserves its own post.  July has been a great month so far too, and I hope to have a chance to blog about that soon!

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